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03/19/13 05:56 AM
Super Waves Survivor - FREE

Do you love Temple Run, Cannabalt, and Jetpack Joyride? Itching with nostalgia for classic 2D side scroller gameplay straight out of Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, Sonic the Hedgehog and other old school Nintendo, Capcom, and SEGA games? What are you waiting for? Play Super Waves Survivor now for free!

Previously only available on iPhone, the game has been re-imagined for Android featuring:
- Pixar quality HD graphics and animation
- Unique game play and water physics
- Satisfying beat 'em up action
- Super moves and upgrades
- Challenge your friends, get achievements, and climb the leaderboards (with HeyZap)

You're in the ocean but this isn't Fishing Joy. Yes, it's free. Yes, itís challenging. Yes, youíll need hand eye coordination and reflexes. No, there is nothing else like it.

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