10/16/04 02:58 AM
T3 - manual GPRS settings?

Here's the deal.

1. Have a Tungsten T3 (yay)

2. Want to connect with T610 to use GPRS via China Mobile (since that's my service provider).

3. China Mobile isn't supported in the networking wizard on the Palm.

4. Looking through the prefrences option fields, it seems possible to create your own custom connections and scripts for log-on purposes. If this is the case, then I should be able to manually create a connection set-up to use China Mobile GPRS (since I think Palm may not release a real version soon).

Any suggestions for how to do this? Or resources where this is discussed in detail?

I realize that there may not be very many people here who use their T3 with China Mobile GPRS, but perhaps there are others who have had to custom set up GPRS for other providers...


- Dan

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