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10/18/04 11:49 AM
T5 - Reason for not buying: MultiConnector

The T5 offers a few nice improvements. Fine, but why did Palm have to couple that with a major drawback? The new Multiconnector is not compatible with the Universal Connector used in Zire71 and T-T3. They already did that with the TE, which means their current lineup now uses 3 different incompatible connectors (Zire7x/T, Zire21/TE, T5). Palm has a large base of Zire71 and T1-3 Users. Some of hese people have invested in cables or an external keyboard. For them, the cost of changing device is much greater than just buying the new T5. Also, first reviews say that you can't charge the T5 through a USB cable any longer but always need to carry the additional power cable.

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