10/25/04 04:38 AM
Re: T3 - manual GPRS settings?

Managed to take care of it myself Happy about that.

On the chance that some of you may be travelling to China and would like to surf the net on your T3 via your mobile phone's GPRS on the China Mobile network, here's what I did to get it to work:

(this is assuming you already have a China Mobile GPRS account set-up and working with your bluetooth-enabled mobile phone...)

1. Go to "prefrences" and set up a new phone connection. I paired my T3 with a SE T610. In "details", the init string is changed to:


2. Create a new network connection in the "Network" section, give it whatever name you'd like. I suggest "Bob" or "China Mobile GPRS".

Username: CMNET
Password: CMNET

Phone number is *99#.

That's it! No scripts should be necessary otherwise. It's possible (depending on the SIM card and set up you have) that the phone number might have to be *99***X#, with X being a value 1-9 depending on the CID (not even sure what that is)...but I suggest that you use *99# first.

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