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01/24/05 05:04 AM
Palm M515 won't turn on.

I recently got a used Palm M515 from a friend at work.
The battery was dead when I got it and the AC adaptor for the cradle couldn't be found, so I went and got a USB sync/charge cable and plugged it into my computer to charge it up.
I let it charge for about 5 hours and the power button does light up now, but it won't turn on.

I've tried resetting it and doing a hard reset, but still nothing displays on the screen. My friend said it had been sitting for about six months without being charged or turned on, but the last time he used it, it worked fine. Anybody got any ideas what could be wrong with it? There's not even so much as a scratch on it and he never dropped it or anything... I'm at a loss here. I'm gonna let it charge all night and see what happens, but I won't get my hopes up.

Any help would be appreciated.

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