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02/18/05 05:23 PM
Re: Tungsten T3 and MP3



I have a Tungsten T3 and I want to play MP3's on it.

I installed RealPlayer and I went to the section to move the songs on to the T3, but it says that I don't have a memory card so I cannot upload. The T3 has 64 MB and I am not using it all, so I figured I could test it out by at least uploading one or two songs.

Do I need to get a special card to play MP3s? Or can I get any memory expansion card and it will work?

Also, are there any alternate MP3 players that I could use with PalmOS? I have never been a big fan of Real.


You either need to get an SD card or you can use one of the RAMDisk programs available. Only Palm-format databases may inhabit the RAM, not native desktop format files. The RAMDisk apps get around this limitation by taking a chunk of RAM and making it look and act like a card.

There are a number of good audio players for Palm. We will be publishing a review of them shortly here on MobileTechReview.

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