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05/24/05 03:05 PM
Updated - Is Palmone going bankrupt? They won't refund my money

See near the bottom of this message for the latest failure, failure #4, under "NEW)".

Has anyone had problems with getting Palmone help? I have returned my Palmone Zire 72 twice so far, with the first time them not fixing one of the issues, and the second time not fixing the problem at all. Each time I have to pay for my own shipping. They now request that I send it in a THIRD TIME! I even called their corporate office explaining the issues, and their only response is that I need to give them a credit card number (for their protection, not mine) so that they can send me ANOTHER REFURBISHED Zire 72. I have asked for a refund which they have strongly refused, saying that it is not their policy to do that EVER. It sure looks like they are in financial trouble. Here are the problems that I have had so far:

1) Coating coming off in multiple locations even though it is in a protective case - They fixed this and it seems to have worked.
2) Due to a known flaw in the unit, not being able to set a passcode without it locking up and having to constantly be reset. This was not fixed when it was sent in, and they didn't tell me of a software fix to the unit until I had made MULTIPLE calls to them. Haven't tried this yet, I am feed up and don't use the unit now.
3) This is my 3 or 4th palm (had a Palm pilot, and a Palm III, and a Palm IIIXE?) Normal writing use causes slight scratching of the screen in the text box. This no longer works correctly, I sent it in, and THEY DID NOTHING!?! I had another Palm user (my son try it, and he got the same results, all kinds of misc characters showing up on the screen rather than the normal letters. My work provided Dell AXIM works ALOT BETTER!
I just had my 4th Zire 72, which is my third refurbished unit fail last night, 6/20/05. It was in the middle of a program, one that I have used many times, and it froze with the screen on. I pushed reset and that is the last it has worked. I have tried to recharge it thinking that might be the issue, but nothing works, neither does a hard or soft reset. I have asked for a refund AGAIN, but "it is not Palmone's policy". I can't use something for important data that just keeps quiting.

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