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07/23/05 01:01 AM
Re: Updated - Is Palmone going bankrupt? They won't refund my money

Another update on my experience with Palmone and my Zire 72, plus a review on the Dell X30.
Palmone replaced my Zire 72 with another refurbished one. The unit works fine, and it looks new. They also sent me a WiFi card for my trouble. This is the upside.

The downside is that even though this is what my long term desire was for, to use the PDA on the internet, the ZIRE is SO SLOW!! Because of all of the trouble that I have had with the Zire 72, I recommended that my daughter get a Dell X30. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The X30 is substantially faster than the 72 on the internet. The only missing item is the camera, which isn't a big miss since the camera quality on the Zire 72 is so poor. My son's Zire 71, even though it has a lower resolution camera, takes nicer looking pictures, especially in lower lighting.
So, if you buy, buy a Dell.

A final item, the only WiFi card you can get for the 72 (at least the last I looked) was from Palmone. The one from Sandisk, one with 256 Mb of memory won't work. When I called Sandisk, they said Palmone purposely won't support this card, no drivers, and Palm had very strict power requirements. I don't like having to have two cards, one with extra memory and one for WiFi. We don't have this issue with the Dell since the WiFi is built in.

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