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09/17/05 05:30 PM
Tungsten T3 and Kinoma Producer

I have a Tungsten T3 and a Macintosh OS (Tiger). I love them both. T3 been working fine. All I want to do is play a 1 MB
video clip. So I downoaded a two week trial version of Kinoma Producer. I installed it on my desktop and I have attempted to hotsync it 3 times to my T3 but it won't even tranfer. It still sits in my "install handheld file" window.
I want to install it on my 256MB SD card. I've done this before with large applications so it won't crash my T3. I've already gone through that experience twice when I first bought my T3.
In fact when I click onto "add On" in that same "install handheld file" window the kinoma file is greyed out. I am hesitant to buy Kinoma because there is no telephone # or any telephone support. I have also posted this on their forum which seems to be the only way to get help.
What is it that I am doing wrong?

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