10/17/05 04:48 PM
Re: T3 - manual GPRS settings? - now with Motorola?

I'm annoyed with Palm -

I upgraded my cell phone to a Motorola e398.

This isn't supported by Palm with their drivers, though I understand that Moto v3 or v600 drivers should work.

Unfortunately, the only way to install those drivers is via Palm's PhoneLink software.

That's fine and all - except that I live in China, and for some reason PhoneLink offers no support for any Chinese networks.

As mentioned in my previous posts, I know the manual settings for China Mobile so it shouldn't be too hard to build a new connection...BUT -

Whereas previously (with my older Sony T610), I could build a connection from scratch; now I cannot since the only time I am given the option of the newer motorola drivers is via Phonelink!

I'm really annoyed by the lack of flexibility Palm has offered in this set up.

Just got the Moto phone and I'm very happy with it otherwise, I can't believe that the manual options on my Palm are so limited...am I missing something?

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