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12/09/05 08:05 AM

I did a lot of research before I decided to purchase my Palm Zire 72, reconditioned from The unit is about 4 months old now, but the warranty from overstock is only 30 days, DOH. Well I use my PDA a lot for playing music, and all of a sudden one day the speaker wouldn't work. I think I did a hard reset and got it to come back. Well last week the same thing happened. I've tried hard/soft reset, changing settings, resync, and all of that, I can no longer get sound on the unit. The sound will play fine through headphones though.

I've done a google search on this and can find one person with a similar problem, but I don't remember reading anytihng about this problem online previously. Palm wants to charge me $150 to repair it, when it only cost me $180 in the first place. This thing looks extremely fragile to open though, but if that's what i must do I'll force myself to do it.

First off, does anyone know a private site that will repair it for cheaper?
Second off, if I gotta open this thing, does anyone have a link to show me how?
I saw a link for the palm zire 71, but this is a completely different unit, and I wanna make sure I'm doing things exactly right.

Lastly, do you think anyone would buy it if I put it up on ebay? Everything else works completely fine, it's just that the sound doesn't work anymore.

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