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02/22/06 04:38 AM
Palm's poor tech support indicates Palm is going down

I bought a Lifedrive for daily use in my medical practice in May of 05. I like it. It locked up due to hardware failure after a few months. Fine, it happens. The refurbished replacement dies similarly after a few weeks. Fine. The next repleacement arrives DOA, completely dead. Tech support tells me that because it is my second replacement in one year, I have to wait 7 days for an engineering review. As if it were my fault that I got a DOA unit. The previous units were pristine, never dropped or missused.
Look at Palm's tech support page. It takes some effort to find an actual tech support number. For those of you who have not tried it, the person who you actually speak with is a receptionist who tediously goes through the same decision tree as the web site. I have a physically dead unit and still have to listen to walk through of a boot process on a dead black screen. No Palm customer ever talks to a technically knowledgable person on their tech support line. Ever. IMHO Palm is not interested in supporting their products.

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