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02/22/06 06:42 PM
Re: Palm's poor tech support indicates Palm is going down

How bad the tech support is may not have any bearing on the status of the company but I have had similar problems. I bought a Life Drive in October 2005. I took good care of it and used it every day. One day in December I checked my Calendar before I left for work and it was working fine but by the time I got to work it would not turn on. The only software installed on it was palm approved software from the Palm Store. After going back and forth with the email support for a couple weeks I got a phone number to request a repair order. I had to send it in two times before they fixed that problem and now that I have it back it still doesn't work. It turns on but it won't go past the inital stylus setup. It continuously asks me to tap the bullseye. Now I am having trouble getting a replacement at all and I am starting to doubt that it will work since they won't send me a new one but rather a refurbished one. Which no doubt means that they think they fixed a broken one.
I am frustrated because I have only been out of college about 2 years and I don't really have $500 to waste on a piece of junk. I bought another Palm because I really liked the one my Uncle had given me in high school and the Handspring that was part of my tech package in college, but now I feel like I should have bought something else.

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