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03/30/06 02:25 PM
Re: LifeDrive

Sorry to hear that oldcrow74!

Judi: I'm one of the happy users. There were some problems in the beginning getting the applications separated into the "works" and "won't work" piles. The best strategy was to migrate the PIM data over and *none* of the applications and data from my Z72 on that first HotSync. I then started installing the apps with their data one at a time to see how they worked, each time keeping generations of the Backup folder on my PC.

Since then, after update 2.0 it's been very solid. The hard drive lag crops up if the 64mb virtual RAM gets too full but I can clear up space by moving data /apps to the hard drive and the long lags go away. It's never a longer lag than starting an application on my PC.


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