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03/31/06 12:18 PM
Passed on a Dell bought a TX - hope I made the correct choice

Last week I decided I needed a PDA and I started shopping. I know someone that has a Dell X30, loves it so I went checking. Looked like a good PDA BUT all the sellers on Amazon were asking way too much for a PDA that came out in 2004. Some are even asking more than the original price. I actually asked a seller, why? He said, there is no competition, PDA's don't depreciate like other computer stuff.

So I started looking at the Palm TX. Yesterday I found an Amazon offer for a new TX $269.00. If I used my new Amazon credit card I received a $30 discount, plus I had a gift certificate. The TX was shipped super saver (free) and the total cost to me was $189. When I told the one X30 Amazon seller what I was going to do, he e-mailed me another offer, an even older Dell PDA, an i30. The price was $230. I wondered, the seller gave me no reasons to buy the used PDA, what made hime think I would pay more for his used PDA compared to a new PDA?

The only thing I will miss is, no voice recorder on the TX.

I hope buying the TX was the correct purchase. Is the Palm OS as good as Windows Mobile? Several article I read lead me to believe that Windows Mobile took more system resources. I think (no proof) the because of its market share the Palm will have more apps available for it than the Windows Mobile OS - Dell X30?

Did I make the correct decision?

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