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04/05/06 01:16 PM
Re: Passed on a Dell bought a TX - hope I made the correct choice

Maybe I should have bought that Dell !!!!

Yesterday my TX arrived and last night I tried to sync the TX and my Contact Manager. My Contact Manager is Timematters 5.0 (TM5) and was purchased about 2 years ago. Before doing a sync,with TM5 I preformed a sync to the Palm desktop. It worked fine.

Then I set up the TM5 sync from within the TM5 application and tried the sync. Oops....maybe I should have gone with buying that older Dell X3i.

I received an error message: "Hotsync Manager, Important palmOne components are missing and prevent this handheld from synchronizing. Please download and install the palmOne desktop for your computer."

I used the Palm desktop that was on the OEM - CD.
When I un-install the TM5 sync, the error message goes away and I can again sync to the Palm desktop.

The number one reason I bought a PDA was to sync with my contact manager program.

I've been told that people have been synching a Tungsten T|3 and below, back to m515 and possibly Vx since TM4.

Maybe if I try the Palm desktop for T|3 it will sync. I'm getting a sinking feeling that I just wasted a whole lot of money.

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