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04/05/06 06:33 PM
Re: Passed on a Dell bought a TX - hope I made the correct choice

Yes they are still in business BUT I must upgrade to version 7. That is another $245 and brings the grand total of adding a PDA to almost $600.

I installed the Palm software on my desktop and tried to sync to my Contact Manager (TimeMatters 5.0) and it worked. I limited the sync to contacts only, no Notes, To-dos or others. Yea! So I went went back to add the To-do's and received the error message. Now it won't even sync contacts only without the error message.

I have been on hold with Palm support for 55 minutes. OK, just talked to a real person. Here is what they told me, the problem is that the TX is using a new 4.2 Palm desktop and there is no way that the TX can use an earlier Palm desktop version. I know for a fact that a Palm
T3 runs on Timematters 5.0 and Palm T3 runs Palm Desktop 4.0.4. Again I am PO'd at the software developers!!!!! My TM5.0 is only two years old and Palm has developed a PDA that isn't going to run a lot of the earlier software. 4.0.4 to 4.0 isn't even a major number change. What the heck were they thinking.

Amazon has e-mailed me that they will take back the TX for a full refund. So I guess I will be using a Dell X30 with the 2003 Windows Mobile OS. Well....at least I'll get a recorder.

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