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05/07/06 09:49 PM
compatible replacement for iiix?

hi folks,
i'm new to this site & am very happy to have "discovered" it. seems like the exact place that can point me in the right direction. here's my dilemma:

i have 90 eclipse (uses OBD-I)& a palm IIIx which i use for a datalogger. i have datalogging software (mmcd) loaded in the palm & i love it. recently though i have been rethinking my whole car stereo & electronics setup.

i was thinking of getting rid of my multidisc cd-changer & getting a stereo receiver that plays mp3 files or an ipod music file via an external input. then i got to thinking, "why not swap out my pda too with one that can do both datalogging & play mp3 files"? my goal is to have a pda with (mmcd) datalogger loaded on it that i could also plug into my (car) stereo receiver to listen to the stored mp3 files. is this do-able??

i have researched pricegrabber (& similar sites) for pda's which also handle mp3 files. the list i saw from those searches did not match this list of pdas which can operate the datalogging software:

this datalogging software is for OBD-I vehicles. my palm IIIx can easily handle that, but it can not play mp3 files. i want to believe there does exist at least ONE pda that can host mmcd, play mp3 files & communicate with OBD-I ecu's. it seems the tungsten w is the most recent model on that software compatibility list. i read the review of the tungsten w on this site (great article!), but i can not find the exact info i need on it which is: will it fit the same hot sync cradle as my IIIx?

does anyone know if if the tungsten w is compatible with IIIx accessories? or is there is a palm or some other pda that will has all 3 capabilities (datalog, mp3 player & serial communications)? please help.

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