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07/29/06 05:39 PM
Re: Is it possible to install windows mobile 5 on lifedrive?

Ok- but why not? I understand pocket pc's use flash memory to hold the OS (be it windows or palm-garnet), right? All brands of pocket pc are similar in this respect.
I realize that there is likely no bios (or bios chip) in the system- or am I wrong on this?
There's certainly room for either (or both) OS'es on a lifedrive...and I'm guessing the OS is changeable. That is, I would think it can be "reflashed" much like a bios chip. I've reflashed a bios chip myself (with a upgraded bios version), so I understand the process. And, if you upgrade a pocket pc OS to a newer version- then it's sorta obvious to me the whole OS should be rewriteable. (or reflashable, so to speak, with proper program)
Granted, it would be different than any desktop OS installation (not being on a hard drive). I've built several desktops from scratch- and understand all the parts involved, along with installing a OS...and multiple OS'es seperated in partitions.
Now- flash memory is partitionable, right? And I know (as I do it) that it's easy enough to install multiple OS'es on a single drive once partitioned. Will the windows mobile 5 OS or palm OS accept a boot manager (first or third party)- provided one exists?
So do you really understand my question in depth? If so how about a detailed explanation why- rather than rudely saying "of course not", like I some sort of idiot beginner. That's a bit rude in my opinion- is this board for discussion, or ????
Or mabe I'm more pc literate than you, and you are just wasteing my time?
(a guy named) Floral

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