(Moderator and writer)
07/29/06 06:57 PM
Re: Is it possible to install windows mobile 5 on lifedrive?

You claim to be more PC literate than me?

LifeDrives are not even PocketPCs (as you called them), nor does Palm OS support multiple partitions. I'm not sure if the LifeDrive's OS is really "completely rewritable," but Windows Mobile is designed for different hardware than the Palm OS (there is more to a computing device than the CPU), and there has never been any single device that could run both operating systems. Furthmore, Windows Mobile 5 is individually tailored to each device it runs on, and you can't just buy a generic copy of it somewhere. Therefore, besides the fact that your plan is probably impossible, it is also illegal, since you are apparently planning to copy Windows Mobile somehow.

I actually have a degree in computer science. Your post is the rude one, and piracy is not allowed here anyway. So far I have only ever banned people for spamming, and I have never banned anyone for their point of view or their tone of voice. If you make any further posts like the above, I will have to make my first exception to this pattern.

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