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07/29/06 09:31 PM
Re: Is it possible to install windows mobile 5 on lifedrive?

Well Jason, that's a better response! And prehaps I was too quick to judge! I'm not trying to be rude...but I really think it's a LOT better when someone asks a detailed question to give a bit of explanation- than just a flat "no". Especially when I pointed out at the beginning that pocket pc is all new to me.
As for this explanation- Ok, I understand hardware differences and the probability of not being compatabile. Everything being micro and integrated onto such a small circuit board means lots of new technology I haven't seen yet. When I do buy one, I'll be having a close look at the internals for sure. But what about on a windows pocket OS system (any version?). Prehaps you would know if it allows any type partitioning- be it on the internal memory or external memory cards?
My main reason for asking all this is because I'm a bit leary of the palm OS compared to a windows based system. I've seen a lot more info (so far, but not enough) on the windows pocket OS versions than the palm...but like the palm lifedrive's better screen and hard drive features. (compared to a HP)
Also- what makes you think I would try to pirate (or clone)a version of mobile 5 OS? Granted I have not seen it for sale at microsoft or anywhere else- but I really did not know if it (or other) pocket pc OS'es are sold as stand alone products. You're saying (I think) that each OS is "serialed" to each pocket pc on installation at the factory, right?
If you want to delete my posts and/or ban me for my rudeness, fine- I'm no whiner. Just trying to learn something- and thought that's what you are here for.

"Knowledge is of no use, unless shared by others". One of my favorite quotes.


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