(junior member)
07/29/06 10:46 PM
Re: Is it possible to install windows mobile 5 on lifedrive?

Excuse- I mean OS'es available as a seperate product (not stand alone, wrong expression).

And after thinking about your comments a while...I'm thinking you consider the lifedrive more of just a media player than true pocket pc?

I've seen the user manuals (pdf files) for the lifedrive and a couple HP models, and see some likes-dislikes on both. Got another question as to if the lifedrive can view really large pdf files (say 65mb plus), converted or not? I'm thinking the lifedrive still might suit my needs, if the larger files are readable. Mabe you can tell me? I've seen both good and bad comments on pdf file reading with lifedrive.

And thanks for your time on my extra questions. Floral

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