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07/29/06 11:52 PM
Re: Is it possible to install windows mobile 5 on lifedrive?

A PocketPC is a PDA that was designed to run Windows Mobile. Since the LifeDrive is a PDA that was designed to run Palm OS, it is not a PocketPC. It's not really an opinion question. (Some of your terminology makes you sound a little like what I call a "MicroSheep" - someone who follows M$ so blindly that they have become convinced that Microsoft's implementations and conventions are the only possible way to make a working device.)

In my experience, PDFs don't really ever work well on PDAs, and even on desktops they leave plenty of room for improvement. If you use Adobe's own Palm solution, you will have to convert all the documents on your computer before you can use them on a Palm, and if you use PalmPDF or DocumentsToGo 8, the PDF will not be reflowed, meaning that you will have to scroll back and forth constantly on most documents. I doubt that a LifeDrive would do well with a PDF that large, considering the limited amount of heap memory that recent Palms have.

Options for converting PDFs to other formats are limited, but you may be able to extract the text portions by simply copy-and-pasting (if the PDF is configured to allow it) or by using Google (hit "view as HTML" for PDFs already on the web, and for ones that aren't, you can send them to a Gmail account, although the attachment size has an upper limit).

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