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08/08/07 02:51 PM
Re: Question about displaying web page on a Palm

Ok thanks!

Let me explain what I am doing. I have a web site that my customers use. I built this web site using ASP.Net. Everything works great and the users love it. Now I have one web page that I want to be able to display on a Palm PDA. Please note that I did not use the mobile web page or mobile controls that ASP.Net offers. It is still designed and developed for a regular PC and using Internet Explorer browser.

So I took this page and made it real small so that it would fit on the PDA. The page consists of a few labels, buttons, and link buttons. All of these seem to work fine on the PDA. Also, the fonts and colors seem to be ok. I was using AJAX and that did not seem to work but I removed it and I'm ok with that.

But here is the problem. I use a Gridview control in ASP.Net. This is a list control taht lets me display data in tabular form. I have several textboxs within my Gridview. In html, it is rendered as a <Table>. Now my Gridview does display my data. But my textboxs are all real wide. In ASP.Net, I make the width of each textbox as 6px. I want these textboxs very small since a 1 to 9 is all that is entered here. So this is being ignored on the PDA but works perfectly on a regular PC and browser. It is frustrating since it is so close to working!! It would be great if I could use my existing page.


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