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01/28/08 07:14 AM
Re: Aldon's Crossing Registration

Yeah, it's weird. If they don't care about making money anymore, at least make it free, right? On the off chance it suddenly becomes wildly popular (not a small chance in my opinion, given the quality of their game), they earn great bragging rights, and otherwise, well, they sure aren't making very much money now. Besides, someone is paying to keep those two websites up, so they should know that their website is up, and they should know that sales of Aldon's Crossing have dropped abruptly for no apparent reason, so why aren't they doing anything about? Had a disagreement with "Peter Chung, Webmaster and Artist" or something?

The official sites (that I know of, www.aldonscrossing.com and www.constantgames.com) give no contact info, but a quick search for "constant games inc" on Google gave me this: http://www.versiontracker.com/developer/9639/Constant+Games+Inc . I have so far only bothered to try the email address, which doesn't work (I get an automated error reply email from my mail provider, GMail, which I typically get when I accidentally send an email to a nonexistent email address). I will try the phone number in the near future. Anyone located any other contact info?

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