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08/28/04 05:08 PM
3 Free Games (PPC)

Pocket Blasters has decided to give away their games for free, including Glactic Assualt, Invaders, and Teddies Revenge.

Galactic Assualt is based on the old Invaders style game.


Stylus or Key play

Pre-Rendered Particle Effect Explosions

Increasingly Difficult Game Play

Backing Tune

Out of this World Sound FX

Multi High Score Table

Invaders Turbo Edition is another Invaders clone.


High score

Near Faithful representation of the original invader graphics

"Out of this world" SFX

Keyboard or Stylus control

Teddies Revenge is . . .well. . . an unusual concept. The teddies that you loved so much as a child, and then forgotten, have been stealing socks to build up forces in the sock dimension to come back and destroy us all. You have to hold them off in order for your forces to find the rift to their dimension and destroy it.

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