(PDA Addict)
08/30/04 04:52 PM
Release: Battle Planet (PPC)

KitCom has released a new game by the name of Battle Planet for the PPC.

Battle Planet is a modern version of the old action style game "Battle City". Instead of the old fashioned earth battles you fight with your ultra modern space ship deep in the interplanetary space. This game challenges your abilities of a good pilot and fast shooter at the same time, that is why you will love it for sure.

Your mission is to protect your base space station "SPIDER 3". You must destroy all enemy ships within your range of vision in order to clear the way for your space station.


- 4 battle stages - demo version
- 25 battle stages - full version
- 3 levels of difficulty
- Superb graphic design
- Sound Effects
- Built-in Stage Statistics tables
- Built-in High Score tables
- Option to set the game speed

Battle Planet can be purchased, or demoed (is that a word?) at both Pocket Gear and Handango.

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