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09/01/04 03:41 AM
Free: Pocket Griddler (PPC)

This game comes straight from Japan, where it is called ''Nonogram'' ; the Brittish call it ''Griddler'', or ''Paint by number''. Finally, it is Nintendo, with ''Mario Picross'', who made this game famous in the videogame world.
The goal of this game is very easy : you have to find out, using deduction, which cells on the grid are empty (white), and which ones are filled (black).
Like in crosswords, you''ll have to series of hints : an horizontal, corresponding to the lines, and a vertical, for the columns.
Each hint is a serie of numbers (sometimes a single one), which each represent the length of the black cells sequences (the number of consecutive black squares).
The game is free, and also available in French. Additional skins can be downloaded (for free) here.

The game can be downloaded from the developer's site.

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