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09/04/04 06:36 PM
Release: Mad Marbles (PPC)

Mad Marbles can now be seen on Handango and Pocket Gear's new release section. The developer is Green Glow Software, who I believe is quite new.

Mad Marbles is a very entertaining classic turn based board game

Race your marbles around the board. The first player to get all four marbles from their Base to their Home wins! Roll the dice and move your marbles. If you land on an opponent's marble, they are sent all the way back to their base! Risk the shortcut to jump ahead, but be careful or it could be you who is sent back to base!

With its extremely simple user interface and stunning graphics, it is very addictive and sure to be a favourite.


*High quality color graphics
*Sound effects
*Play with 1 to 3 opponents
*Play against the computer or with up to 4 human players all on one device
*Addictive game play

The game can currently be purchased at Handango and Pocket Gear for $4.95.

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