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09/07/04 12:17 AM
Release: Allure Card House (PPC)

Intorine has released a new Solitaire gamepack for the PPC (there is also a Palm version available), calle Allure Card House.

Solitaire was invented by the French prisoners, who were bored in the prisons of royal France. Cards helped them to wile away long hours of imprisonment. No, it is not necessary to go to prison to enjoy spending free time at home or a trip with solitaire. Even better, Card House includes seven types of solitaire: Klondike, Trefoil, Freecell, Grandfather's Clock, Four Seasons, Yukon and Fortune's Favor. These games are essential for anyone who loves getting away from it all playing solitaire on your Pocket PC.

Seven popular solitaires in one:
*Grandfather's Clock
*Four Seasons
*Fortune's Favor

More information, a demo version, and a buy link can be found here.

The Palm version can be found here, and includes one more version of Solitaire than the PPC version.

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