(PDA Addict)
10/09/04 02:10 AM
Release: Tetribox (PPC & Palm)

Absolutist has released yet another game that appears to be of quite high quality. Tetribox is a gamebox of 18 different Tetris style games. Normally, I would groan at the idea of yet another Tetris game, but this set seems to add a few twists, as can be seen by the screen shots below.

This is a new interpretation of the famous Tetris? game for the lovers of classic arcade games. It involves 18 different games, with various blocks, grids and strategies. It's a perfect game for your color PocketPC device. Some of the games are the all-time classics, some are completely new and untasted.

More information can be found here for Pocket PC and here for Palm. A demo download link is available for both versions as well as a link to buy.

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