(PDA Addict)
12/02/04 12:39 AM
Update: PDA Mill's Arvale

PDAmill have just updated their new (and already best-selling) epic role-playing game, Arvale: Journey of Illusion.
The new version (1.3) fixes installation and registration bugs and includes minor gameplay fixes.

The update is available for free in the online stores selling the game (Handango, ClickGamer and PocketLand), so if you have already purchased the game, visit the store you used and re-download the latest full version. The trial version was also updated, and now it lets you play until Level 10 instead of Level 5 :-) Read more at www.arvale.com!

PDAmill is also running a massive upsell discount at their site, so if you buy any of their games you get 30% OFF for three other titles! To take advantage of this offer, just visit www.pdamill.com and add a game to your shopping cart.

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