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05/30/05 02:05 PM
ANNIOUNCEMENT: Kingdom Tactics (PPC)

WalkAbout Games has announced a new game for the PPC to be released in late August. Kingdom Tactics will be the first tactical RPG for the PPC.

Centuries ago, the lands of Osteria were on the verge of collapse as the Hordes of Chaos waged a bloody war against the once peaceful human settlements. Realizing that the balance of power was shifting and humanity would be lost forever, the gods decided to create five stones of great power that would allow the people of Osteria to drive the hordes from their lands and they gifted these to five great heroes. Their victory was assured and once the hordes were defeated the five heroes each went their separate ways and established a new kingdom.

Since this time, the many lands of Osteria have lived in relative harmony, but now war has again broken out and the kingdoms of the south are pushing north killing all those before them. Even more disturbing are the rumors that the Hordes of Chaos are swelling their ranks.

The time for a new hero to emerge has come and lead the armies of the north in a desperate battle to save the kingdom of Osteria.

I can't seem to get the screenshots to work, but you can see them here.

If you want to keep an eye on their progress, just watch their homepage.

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