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11/08/06 11:18 PM
NEW: Lunar Lander Simulator 2.1 released!

Hi guys,

I actually released this game (my first!, Blue Diamond is my second) couple months ago. Since I just found this great forum, I thought maybe you will be interested to know about this game as well. For some of you who are new to the Lunar Lander Sim, this game is the most realistic lander simulator ever developed on a Palm/Treo/Zodiac device! It combines real physics modeling, Houston voice annoncement (of altitude, velocity and fuel level) and realistic lander malfunctions (failure like fuel leak, radar malfuction and so on).

get it here:

Lunar Lander Simulator 2.1 at PalmGear

Lunar Lander Simulator 2.1 at Handango

I hope you will like it. I welcome any comments or suggestions for future versions!


ps: LunarSim21.prc is for Palm/Treo (320x320 and 160x160). LunarSim2LS.prc is for Palm and Zodiac owners with large screen(480x320)

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