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05/02/07 05:07 PM
Announcing Sensible Sudoku 2

Ludimate has released Sensible Sudoku 2, an enjoyable Sudoku for Windows Mobile, with a pleasant interface, elegant audio and engaging gameplay:

Sensible Sudoku includes everything that makes playing Sudoku on a mobile an enjoyable experience: pencil marks, hints, undo and auto-save. Forget about those limited newspaper Sudokus - Sensible Sudoku can be played anytime and anywhere.

Sensible Sudoku includes:
- Millions of Sudokus with unique solutions, no guessing required.
- Five difficulty settings, from Very Easy to Extreme level.
- Sudoku solving times can be tracked and listed online at
- Includes 14 Sudoku board skins with a range of visual styles.
- Comprehensive Sudoku statistics.
- Options to check for and undo wrong numbers.
- Simple and full hints as well as a pencil-all option.
- Fine VGA graphics and support for square and landscape devices.

More information about Sensible Sudoku 2 including demos, screenshots and gameplay video are available at:

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