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The Human race is the most average of the races, possessing neither great strengths, nor alarming weaknesses. Their true strength comes from their ability to get along well with the other civilized races (and even most of the not so civilized) and their ability to adapt to almost any obstacle.

-Humans are well suited for any profession.


Ancient and mysterious, the elves are the protectors of the great forests. Possessing an unnatural grace, but frailer than a human, elves receives bonuses to dexterity, but minuses to strength and vitality. Elves possess a deep affinity for magic, and most elves take to magic rather easily. Unfortunately, elves do not possess a diety other than the various forest spirits, so the idea of a priest is foreign to them.

-Elves can be any profession but Priest.


As stout and strong as the mountains they call home, dwarves are a race born to combat. Due to their short compact stature, and years of working in the mines or at the forges, dwarves receive bonuses to strength and vitality. That same compactness also hinders the dwarves dexterity, causing a penalty. Dwarves also tend to spend most of thier time toiling, and rarely have the time (or the desire) for more intellectual pursuits, and thusly suffer a penalty to intelligence. Dwarves while inherently resistant to poison, suffer a penalty to thier movement. Dwarves distrust magic almost completely (except for the spells cast by their priests; worshippers of their mountain god: Gregos the Hammer).

-Dwarves can be any profession but Wizard.

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