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Some notes on magical energy, both mystical and spiritual...

The art of casting spells belong totally to the mages and priests of Aldon's Crossing. The only difference between the two, is the source of thier power; the mage gains his ability from training and concentration, whilst the priest draws upon his faith and purity.

As the mage, or priest gain in experience, new and more powerful Circles of spells become available to them:

First Circle:
All mages and priests begin with the knowledge of this, the most basic of circles.

Second Circle:
For those who are strong, upon reaching the 4th level of experience, this circle is opened.

Third Circle:
Strength leads to tribulations, this circle after becomes available after reaching the 8th level of experience.

Fourth Circle:
Tribulation gives way to temperance, upon reaching 12th level, this circle has been reached.

Fifth Circle:
Temperance gives way to patience, the final circle is revealed at the 16th level.

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