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03/17/03 11:44 PM
Re: T665 to Motorola V120e

... Here's what thesupplynet.com had to say:

"How long ago did you purchase this cable?? We has an issue with the 120e where it was not the same software as the 120c and did not work.

We have taken that phone off our website due to this problem. We might have taken it off after your purchase. If you have not changed your settings at all from when you had the other phone then it should work with no other modifications.

This is an issue for Motorola but first contact your cell carrier, they might have a work around that we are not aware of."

... And this is what Motorola had to say:

"The main difference between the V.120c and V.120e is, the V.120e is 1X capable. At this time, we do not offer a data cable for the V.120e that will allow you to connect to a PDA. We do not have information if this type of data cable will be offered in the future. You may wish to contact the dealer you purchased the data cable from to determine if a cable is available for the V.120e."

... So, no luck so far. Any idea what the 1X feature is for? Is it there just to make the phone backwards-incompatible with other hardware?

Fun with phones, indeed! [Mad]


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