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03/27/03 10:30 AM
fixing my sony handheld...& syncing from a memory stick

I have 2 questions:
* My sony clie t615 fell and the touch screen broke & no longer responds. the handheld itself is fine since i can navigate with the jog dial. I can't find a price for repair anywhere!! the sony website refers me to repair shops or drop shops but i want the price first since i'm currently out of the U.S..anyone know where i can find a price list??? or estimated repair prices??
* also, i have programs on the memory stick that i want to use on my computer - when i hotsync it doesn't put the programs that are kept there - only what's on the handheld itself.. i can't get to the beam function with the jog dial so i need to do it through the computer.
Thank you for any help,

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