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03/24/04 06:56 AM
Re: Sony CLie UX-50 English Manuel & CD Rom

Thank you for the advice regarding the manual. I went to the download site and got it. It will help me alot. I ordered my Peg UX-50 here in Japan and will get it in few days. As it is in Japanese and I asked sony service center if they can get me the initial cd thats comes with it English and they said they wouldnt be able to do that. I was thinking of instead of installing in my computer the Japanese version I would install the english version (if i could get it) so that when I use my computer to do the things such as sync information etc. They said that hasnt been tested either so they couldnt help me with that part. I assumed if at least I would be able to do it with english but I guess it wont happen. If you have any ideas on this then please let me know. Thankyou

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