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04/10/04 08:34 AM
Re: Question regarding NX80V and WiFi

I noticed this in the NX80V review (elsewhere on this site) & am copying it below for you:
It sounds like if you want WiFi (not analog), you HAVE to get the Sony WL 110.

The NX80V has a CF type II slot that can accommodate type I and type II cards. However, only the Sony WiFi card is supported, so you'll have to buy Sony's WiFi card. The driver for that card is pre-installed, so you don't need to install the driver on the WiFi card's CD.
Sony did release a few drivers for some CF analog 56k modems in Japan, and a fellow who goes by the name Pelaca on has translated them into English. You can download the files here. The AmbiCom CF56M-EZ is supported, and is the easiest of the few supported modems to find in the US (, Best Buy and some other retailers carry it).
and in another review on another site, I noticed that you cannot use the Memory Stick WiFi for this Clie

but since i don't have any experience yet, maybe someone with REAL experience could also address the question???

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