05/22/04 06:23 PM
Really basic wireless question

Okay, I'm completely new to this idea of Internet/email on my handheld. In fact I just got my iPaq 2215 a week or two ago. I understand that I need an 802.11b card - what then? I have cable Internet access through Comcast at home on my desktop - do I need a separate account from some other carrier/ISP, like a cell phone service - in order to connect in hot spots? That's all I'm really concerned with - my favorite cafe has a wireless transmitter, that and airports and the like. I guess I'll call Comcast customer support, but since they're cable somehow I think I need something else. Anyone willing to just walk through the basics? Thanks - and I don't own the WiFi card yet - recommendations/differences there also appreciated. Also feel free to point me toward resources.


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