(Head Honcho)
06/30/04 03:46 AM
Re: wireless for Tungsten E

The software is not available on SanDisk's web site for download. They will probably make it available soon, since the card should be arriving at retailers within a week. Keep in mind you need the new 2.1 revision card whose package will say Zire 71 compatible. The older rev card will not work (requires too much power for the Zire 71).

As to whether it's safe to use on the T|E, I can't tell ya. A circuit made by Texas Instruments that powers the SD slot isn't rated high enough to support the card. Palm supposedly asked TI if the circuit rating was perhaps overly conservative and TI didn't respond. Hence, the card isn't listed as good for the T|E. My guess is it's probably OK, but don't yell at me if your SD slot gives up the ghost!


So...which software would I need to download in order to use the card? Also, in your opinion, is the power usage dangerous for the T/E?


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