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10/30/04 09:38 AM
CF or SD to PCMCIA adapter ? Please Help

I wish to use a Asus 730 PocketPc, CF or SD slot to plug a PCMCIA laptop card into. Like if i wanted to get a Verizon wireless Audiovox Pc 5220 Broadband access Type 2 PC Card and pay for the wireless data service.....Sprit is the only 1 that has a CF wirless network access card and service but it is very high priced, Verizon has a cheaper package but only has Type 2 cards NO CF..

OR ues a laptop type 2 modem card for dial up..

OR use a Laptop wired network card.

How can i use any Type 2 PC Card in the CF or SD slot. Is there a CF to laptop card adapter out there.. Or SD to laptop card adapter.

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