05/24/05 12:08 AM
Re: wifi for Dell 416 x 50

WELL it sure as H _ _ K would be decent if these Doo Dahs that are sellling this stuff made it CLEAR what the Bleep their device can or cant do.
I dont know what the )(*@$)(*@#)($*()@#$ WIFI ENABLED MEANS.....
My gut said it was Madison Ave jargon meaning that you could send data within like 10 ft. Period. NOBODY NOWHERE NOHOW defines the "WIFI ENABLED" .
PALM frankly out in the open says no wifi in their info or specs.
THe rest do a Medicine Man Dance in hopes folks buy whatever.
I bought whatever and its being picked up by UPS tommorrow, unopened. No was was I gotta open that carton and deal with return on a 'used' item.
So NO X50 for this dude.
KINDLY advise as to where in your review of PDA site, at each device, do you IN DETAIL state what or what not that item can do without linking via cable.............................
Maybe you folks, the GURU's of the PDA's, are doing a disservice by NOT making EVERYTHING PERFECTLY CLEAR. If U did, I wouldnt have to post 5 or 7 somewhat DUMB posts regarding all this.

Unhappily, Larry still in Mich

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