(PDA Addict)
05/24/05 03:43 AM
Re: wifi for Dell 416 x 50

Hey Larry, cut back on the meth, eh? If you had read Lisa's X50 review on this site carefully, or maybe even read it at all, you would have found the following paragraph hidden under the bold WiFi heading:


The 520MHz X50 has integrated WiFi 802.11b wireless networking . WiFi has good range and was reliable for us connecting to 802.11b and 802.11g access points using WEP encryption. The X50 comes with Funk Odyssey VPN client and supports 64/128 bit WEP, IPSec/L2TP, PPTP, WPA and CCX 1.0. Dell includes their excellent WLAN application for managing WiFi connections, and this full-featured utility lists available networks in range (shows SSID, channel, signal strength and mode), shows data transfer stats, lets you set the default network and power saving mode and more.

That's about as explicit as it gets. I guess you missed the "full-featured utility" part along with the software list and description. Reading carefully and attentively before ranting can only improve your understanding as well as your credibility.

PDAs obviously aren't for everyone. Even with pencil and paper, you'll find their advertising and packaging don't explicitly state how to sharpen the pencil, erase/dispose of the paper, or even how to use them in combination (we call that writing). Lisa's review said more about the X50 than I've ever seen on a pencil box about their contents. The X50 and X50v are great devices, so the loss will ultimately be yours when you send it back unopened.

I humbly suggest that you pay attention and lose the attitude--life's too short. Happiness or unhappiness is ultimately your choice, Larry, even in Michigan. Choose wisely.

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