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05/24/05 03:52 AM
Re: wifi for Dell 416 x 50

Maybe you're doing us a diservice by not using the site search function or browsing the links on the home page to things like the listing of FAQS and how to articles. Just a thought . If you do not know what WiFi is (also used commonly in notebooks and even desktops these days), want to learn more about Bluetooth, or more about PDAs in general, or several other topics, visit our listing of FAQ articles:

For WiFi in particular, here's a detailed article:

A general intro to PDAs with references to all the popular operating systems used and several recent models:

An article explaining the various kinds of wireless networking for Internet access used with PDAs:

And there are more but I won't list them all here. There's a lot inside PDAs these days and one review can't explain every technology in-depth, so we have the various FAQs which we try to link to (but don't always catch all the linking opportunities) in our reviews.

About your other question: When the word enabled is used, at least for techie items like mobile phones, PDAs and computers, it means it has that technology already inside and you need not buy anything additional. So a WiFi enabled PDA has WiFi inside and you need not buy a WiFi networking card as an additional product.

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