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07/18/05 06:51 AM
Using a PDA on a public wireless network

I am considering buying a new PDA (probably a hx2750 I think) which will have inbuilt wireless. I have no experience with wireless at all.

Could someone with knowledge please fill in a few gaps for me:

1) Is the PDA easy to set up for a public wireless network (i.e. one you might find for free use at an airport/ shopping mall.

2) Can I surf the web that way?

and by far the most important ...

3) Security: When I connect my existing PDS to it's cradle, my PC can access all the files on it. What is the deal on a wireless network? I assume my files are visible just for me on the actual PDA, and I just use the wireless to surf etc. Is that the case or is there a lot more to discover? Probably nothing particularly worth grabbing off it any, onlt friend's addresses etc. Basically, I just want to check that unlike a home network it will not make my drives accessible to everyone else on the network.

All help greatly appreciated

P.S. Apologies if this has already been discussed, but a search showed nothing.

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