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10/07/04 01:11 PM
Treo 600 for web browsing intead of Samsung - Did I make a mistake?

I wanted to get daily stock quoted from free sites like Bigcharts or 3dstockcharts to see whats happening with my stocks when not at home. I alreaday have a Samsung smaller regular cell for phone use. I wanted the unit separate in case I had to place a call into my online broker to get something done right away eventhough I normaly do all on line. The idea was I wanted to be able to stay with the quotes while talking to the broker as voice orders can take a while as quotes are changing.
So I bought the Treo as it was sold as having net brousing. Now that I have it, I find out from Verizion that in addition to the regular $50 per month for unlimited data, I would have to pay by the minute for the internet access.
They also sell the Samsung 700. In looking closer at the Verizon website info on the Samsung pda tour; It looks like there may a Windows type "Pocket PC" program for net browsing that comes with it.

Would I be able to access internet through this with no extra charges? Or would I have to pay Verizon to make that work also? If you have a Samsung, any info would be appreciated. Verizon has had no clearification but is refering me to Samsung and I have not found a good contact for them.

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