(Head Honcho)
07/20/05 05:24 PM
Re: Universal

I don't believe HTC has said definitively but I believe the LCD will be 3.8" diagonal. Given that VGA on Windows Mobile doesn't really show you 4x more than standard QVGA, it should be just as readable as the other VGA Pocket PCs out there.

As for price, that depends on carrier subsidy and what country you're in. If you're in the US, no carrier here has commited to carry the Universal yet. If they did, it would like need a different radio config. since US bands for voice vary (we use one frequency not used elsewhere: 850 MHz) and 3G here runs on 1900 MHz while Europe and Asia are on 2100 MHz. This means you could use an imported one but not with great success on Cingular / ATT for voice and 3G would not work here. Of course, Verizon or Sprint could offer it with a CDMA radio instead of GSM...

My guess is that importers will charge $900 US or more for the Universal. If a carrier picks it up, I bet it will cost $650 will a new 2 year contract. Just educated guesses...

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